Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Catskill Scenic Trail Half Marathon and 5k Event!!!!

Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the race administration has decided that the 2020 event will be hosted as a virtual race.  Because of the logistics of this, the event has been adjusted for the year to include a 5k instead of a relay.  Below is all the information you should need to answer all your questions.

Registration Window: June 1-June 30

Entry Fees:

CST Course Option (Awards Eligible) - $20

Remote Course Option (Not Awards Eligible) - $15

Race Date Range:

Runners must complete their run and submit their data between July 1 and July 17

Culminating Concert:

Finger Crossed, we will be able to gather for a free Community Concert in Veterans Park in Stamford on July 18th at 10:30am.  The band playing will be Fetish Lane and we will do awards for those present during the show.

How to submit performances: You can submit performances in one of three ways

1) Post the GPS map and time screenshots to the races Facebook Page with the hashtag #CST2020

2) Post the GPS map and time screenshots to your instagram page with the hashtag #CST2020 and tag @runwildcatskills

3) If you don't have either of the above, you may email your GPS data to the race director.


How do we track results:

Run your CHOSEN EVENT sometime between July 1 and July 17 and and track it with a GPS running app ( for example Strava or mapmyrun). Submit the GPS data with map and time in accordance with the requirements for your CHOSEN EVENT below.

Donation (Optional): On the registration page you will have an opportunity to donate to the Friends of the Catskill Scenic Trail, a group forming to help preserve and maintain the trail. Please consider giving what you can!


To be eligible for awards, you must do all of the following. DON'T SKIP #3

1) Complete the run on the CST course (maps and info on parking/directions tab) between July 1 and July 17

2) Submit your data in one of the manners listed above by 8pm on July 17th

3) Along with your social media post, you must include a pic of your patronizing one of our sponsors (can be found on the sponsors tab) and include the hashtag #ThankYou

4) Be sure to tell the sponsor you appreciate their support of the event!


To be included in the results you must

1) Choose where you wish to run your race near you. 

2) Complete a run of appropriate distance (half-marathon or 5k depending on what you registered for) between July 1st and July 17th

3) Submit your data in one of the manners listed above by 8pm on July 17th

Awards (CST Course option only)

Half-Marathon Awards

-Finishers medals for all runners

-Overall winners for male and female

-Additional awards dependent on entries

5K Awards

-Overall winners for male and female

-Age group awards dependent on entries

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