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(Runners must bring completed Waiver to packet pickup)

TP’S Place, 7 Railroad Avenue, Stamford, NY

Friday July 19, 5:00-7:00PM


Race Day from 7:00-7:20AM

There are two events taking place at the same time.  Both are set on the Catskill Scenic Trail located in the Catskill Mountains between Bloomville, NY and Stamford, NY.  The course is a half-marathon that can be run as an individual or as a three person relay team and it follows an old railroad bed of cinders and grass. As far as trail races go, this will be the best footing you have experienced!  The trail runs along the bottom of a picturesque valley along farm pastures, streams that are the headwaters of the Delaware River and weaving through small towns with road crossings as access points for pit crews or supporters.  


This course is the same as the relay course, but you take on the challenge of doing it all on your own.  Runners register/sign in at Veteran Park in Stamford, NY.  There will be school buses available to shuttle you to the starting line in Bloomville and the race will bring you back to your car at the post-race party.  If you have your own pit crew that wishes to take you to the starting line, directions are available on this site.  Upon crossing the finish line, the runners will be given a finishers medal with the race logo on it for their efforts.  


The registration/pickup will take place in Veterans Park in Stamford, NY.  THERE IS NO SHUTTLE AVAILABLE FOR RELAY TEAMS. Teams that are entered in the relay will follow the directions on this site or follow the shuttle buses from registration to the starting line.  After the race starts, the second and third runners will drive to the first exchange zone where the first runner can get in the car and the second runner takes off.  The process will repeat at the next exchange where the third runner will start and the first and second runners can take the car to the finish to await the arrival of their teammate.  When the teammate finishes, they will be given three finishers medals for the team members. The legs of the relay are as follows:

Leg 1 – 5.25 miles

Leg 2 – 4.13 miles

Leg 3 – 3.90 miles

Below are the times that roads will be closed or crossing guard services will be provided. 

If you fail to make these points by the cutoff times, you will not have volunteers there

to stop traffic and will continue at your own risk.

Road Closures/Services

River Road – Closed (0-0.66)– 7:45-8:15am

Route 10 (0.66-0.77) – 8:02-8:15am

Belle Terre Crossing (5.26) – 8:25-9:30am

Madison Hill Road (5.80) – 8:25-9:35am

CR-18 (SK) (7.03) – 8:35-9:55am

C-R 18 (Farm) (8.38) – 8:45-10:25am

Pearl Street (9.08) – 8:45-10:45am

Church Street (9.14) – 8:45-10:45am

Maple Avenue (9.22) – 8:45-10:45am

Cornell Avenue (9.43)– 8:45-10:45am

Railroad Avenue (12.39) 9:05-11:45am

Railroad Avenue – Closed – 9:05-Noon


$8 Pasta and Salad

$10 Pasta w/Meatballs and Salad

Takeouts Available

Friday July 19, 5:00-7:00PM @ TP's

Proceeds to Stamford Class of 2019


 (Please note road service times below)